Shehunts goes on one group trip a year. We accept a maximum of 10 huntresses. This is not a guided trip. 


  • We will do everything that we can, when planning a trip to connect with local First Nations. We'll try always to respect protocol and traditions.
  • Harvesting an animal is just one piece of the puzzle. You'll get the chance to learn butchering skills, hunting regulations, local foraging techniques, local medicinal plant harvesting practices, and everything in between. From planing to plates.
  • You'll share responsibility with the team, be it meals, logistics, fire keeping or skill sharing.
  • You'll have decision making power. This is not a guided trip, it's an opportunity for all of us to learn and share what we know, whether you're a beginner or a pro.
  • We are committed to learning. We'll approach difference and new ideas with curiosity not judgement
  • We will be documenting the trip and learning from our experiences, and other huntresses. 
  • We like fun! Bring your instruments, bring your favourite campfire games and be ready for spontaneous adventures. 
  • Be prepared to pack light!

This year's skill share will be around the November long weekend. Exact dates TBD