I started hunting when I was 28, a late bloomer. Even though women are the fastest growing demographic of new hunters in BC, it felt lonely. Finding others who I wanted to hunt with and who I felt comfortable being out in the woods with was a huge challenge. I worried that I would mess up, that I would make an animal suffer, that I wouldn't know what to do once I had harvested it, that I wouldn't be able to handle the experience at all.

Over time it's become clear that women hunters want to be a part of and to help build a community of skilled, supportive and thoughtful hunters. 

Shehunts because she wants a deeper relationship with what gives us life. With her food and the systems that sustain her and her communities. Building that relationship means committing to hunting as a practice, as a way of showing up with respect, humility and consideration. Finding our way on the land is to feel a part of this one precious life, this one precious place, in a whole hearted way.

Shehunts to learn how to respect and honour indigenous rights and title. We want to be here, in BC, in a way that acknowledges the unbroken relationship that indigenous communities have held with the land and the creatures in it. While sometimes we have no idea how to do that well, we're determined to keep trying.

Oh yeah. And food. Shehunts because wild harvested food is delicious and delightful in a way that no words can describe. So come share the joy with us!